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Salon Rogue Eyelash Extension Policy


It is imperative, for the best eyelash extension retention, to ensure proper care at home and in salon fill appointments.  Eyelash extensions need maintenance approximately every 2-3 weeks to ensure your natural lashes are happy and healthy.  We will remove lashes that are grown out.  For best retention, it is recommended that the purchase of Boboleta products (eye make-up remover, lash bath with brush and sealant) be utilized at home for your eyelash extensions. 


Below is a list of things to remember while wearing your Borboleta eyelash extensions to maximize your lash retention.


  • DO NOT use mascara on your eyelash extensions.

  • DO NOT pick or pull on your eyelash extensions.

  • Brush your eyelash extensions daily.

  • Wash and rinse eyelash extensions daily with cleanser, using one of the cleansing brushes.

  • Avoid eye makeup and creams with oils.

  • When choosing eyeliner, use powder eyeliner or water-based liquids.

  • Try to sleep on your side or back to avoid damaging your eyelash extensions.

  • Your lifestyle and activities such as exercise, swimming, hot yoga, etc. will affect your eyelash extension retention.


    If at any time you have less than 20 eyelash extensions per eye, the purchase of a full set at $160-Classic or $180-Hybrid.


    If eyelash extensions have been applied by another lash artist other than a lash artist employed by Salon Rogue, we will not remove them.

    If eyelash extensions have been applied by another lash artist other than a lash artist employed by Salon Rogue, but you are now coming to us for fills; Salon Rogue and your lash artist will not be held responsible for any reactions or negative retention as you are running the risk of an unfavorable outcome by mixing adhesives and materials.  It is recommended to apply a fresh, new set after the old eyelash set has been removed or fallen out.


    If we have provided you with a full set of Borboleta eyelash extensions and you are having issues with sensitivity, or discover you may be allergic to the product, please contact us immediately, we will remove the eyelash extensions for you.


    If you must miss or reschedule your eyelash fill appointment, it is important for you to reschedule your appointment as close to the original appointment as possible to avoid the risk of negative retention.  If rescheduling puts you past four weeks a new set will vie required at the appropriate aforementioned price above reflective of the agreed upon eyelash extension application. 


Cancellation Policy


We require (24) twenty-four-hour notice for any scheduled appointment time. A "no show" will require a deposit to re-book any future services. Half of the total of all services scheduled will be required for a new appointment. Any deposits made will be deducted from the final bill for services rendered; however, failure to show up for your appointment after a deposit is made may result in denial of future appointments and your deposit will be forfeited. Please contact Salon Rogue as soon as possible for any rescheduling and/or cancellations. 

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