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Salon Rogue

Established 2017

Step into Salon Rogue and feel the sense of relaxation come over you.  We strive to create a stress-relieving experience with each guest for a feeling of wellness that reminds us by taking care of ourselves, we can then take better care of the world around us.  Our plant and flower derived products are cruelty-free and sustainably sourced to ensure we are taking care of the world we live in and what goes into our bodies.  Salon Rogue's highly educated craft hairstylists and spa professionals will complete a thorough consultation to ensure we meet your needs inside and out.  Pairing the sense of wellness with the exciting expertise of your service provider will have you ready to conquer just about anything!  We at Salon Rogue believe that beauty comes from within so let our specialized team create a balance between your wellness and beauty.

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