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We know how important it is to look and feel your best on your wedding day & we are so excited to create your dream look! This page is full of all the details of a Salon Rogue Wedding.

Salon Rogue

Meet your Salon Rogue Wedding Coordinator


Booking your wedding day services come with a lot of details and organization. Brooke is here to ensure all the details of your big day beauty services run smooth. 

Have some questions? Contact Brooke here -


Wedding Coordinator

Salon Rogue Beauty Team



Salon Owner/Stylist






Makeup Artist



Salon Owner/Stylist



Stylist/Makeup Artist



Stylist/Makeup Artist

About Salon Rogue



On street parking available on Lincolnway and Indiana Ave. Angled parking is offered behind the salon block on Jefferson Ave and on the side of the block on Michigan Ave.

Step into Salon Rogue and feel the sense of relaxation come over you.  We strive to create a stress-relieving experience with each guest for a feeling of wellness that reminds us by taking care of ourselves, we can then take better care of the world around us.  Our plant and flower derived products are cruelty-free and sustainably sourced to ensure we are taking care of the world we live in and what goes into our bodies.  Salon Rogue's highly educated craft Hairstylists, Makeup Artists and Spa Professionals will complete a thorough consultation to ensure we meet your needs inside and out.  Pairing the sense of wellness with the exciting expertise of your service provider will have you ready to conquer just about anything!  We at Salon Rogue believe that beauty comes from within so let our specialized team create a balance between your wellness and beauty.

Do you need your Beauty Team to provide services on-location?

On-location services are available and require a minimum party of 5. There is a $125 on-location fee, a $50 fee for each additional stylist needed to perform on-location services plus mileage round trip from Salon Rogue.

Bridal Packages

We are so excited to be part of your big day! Bridal & Bridal Party Packages are based on Salon Rogue's highest priced Stylist/Makeup Artist. Prices are subject to change.



Trial airbrush makeup, strip lashes & hairstyle + 

Day of event airbrush makeup, strip lashes & hairstyle


Trial traditional makeup, strip lashes & hairstyle + 

Day of event traditional makeup, strip lashes & hairstyle

Bridal HairStyle|$180

Trial & day of event Bridal hairstyle

Bridal Airbrush Makeup|$210

Trial airbrush makeup & strip lashes + 

Day of event airbrush makeup & strip lashes 

Bridal Traditional Makeup|$180

Traditional makeup & strip lashes + 

Day of event traditional makeup & strip lashes

Bridal Party Packages


Bridal Party Platinum Package|$165

Airbrush makeup, strip lashes & hairstyle 

Bridal Party Deluxe Package|$145

Traditional makeup, strip lashes & hairstyle 

Airbrush Makeup|$90

Airbrush makeup & strip lashes

Traditional Makeup|$70

Traditional makeup & strip lashes



Wedding Day Prep



Schedule your haircut & color appointments no later than two weeks before your wedding day!

Book an Appointment!



Get a little extra pop with Lash Extensions. Book your first set 3 weeks before your big day & a fill the week of!

Book an Appointment!



Nothing gives you that wedding day glow like a good skincare routine & regular facials!

Book an Appointment!

Wedding Day Services Reminders



Have your entire Bridal Party arrive at the start of the day! If we run ahead of schedule we will start our ext hairstyle/makeup guest early.


Everyone who will be receiving hair services should arrive with clean & dry hair.


If you are receiving a makeup service, please arrive without makeup, heavy moisturizer or oil on your face.


Wash your hair the night before to ensure your hair isn't too soft to hold your style.


Wear a button up shirt!


Please remember to bring any accessories you would like to wear with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

     -820 Lincolnway, LaPorte IN 46350 - in the heart of downtown LaPorte, directly across from the courthouse.

Will you provide makeup services at another salon/space if I'm using a different stylist for hair?

     - Yes! Please refer to information indicated in this packet about on-location services.

Do you perform services on-site?

     - Yes! In order for Salon Rogue Beauty Team to perform on-location services we require at least 5 people receiving services, $125 on-location fee, $50 for each additional service provider that is needed for that day, plus $1.00 roundtrip mileage from Salon Rogue to the site of services.

Do you require a trial for any of the services?

     - Yes! We require the Bride to have trial appointments for hair and/or makeup services which are already included in our packages. Any of the Bridal Party        members are welcome to schedule a trial appointment as well. The fee for a trial appointment will be the same as the day of the event.

How far in advanced should I book my wedding?

     - We recommend at least 6 months before your wedding date to ensure we have enough Stylists & Makeup Artists available.

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