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Ready for Pinterest worthy hair?

Hair extensions are a great way to add length, volume, pops of color and give you the hair you've always dreamed of. 

In fact, hair extensions might just make you hold your head up higher.


Harper Ellis Hair Extensions

We exclusively uses Harper Ellis Elite Hair Extensions.

These extensions are premium quality with 100% remy human hair.


This luxurious hair blends right into your natural hair and is invisible with Harper Ellis Concealed Bead Method.

No showing beads, no braids, no tape or glue - just beautiful natural looking hair!


Stronger & Longer Hair

Hand Tied Hair Extensions can actually help you grow your natural hair and help protect it. Proper installation and care at home are key to maintaining healthy natural hair. 


Styling with Extensions

Hand Tied Hair Extensions are so comfortable and can be worn up, down, straight or curled. In fact, your style will last so much longer than it does with your natural hair! 

Hair Extension Investment

Prices are starting at and will increase based on the amount of rows or wefts needed to create your dream hair. Custom color appointments may be necessary to create a seamless blend.

An exact price quote will be given at your complimentary Hair Extension Consultation.

14" - $600+/per row

18" - $900+/per row

22" - $1300+/per row

24" - $1800+/per row

A 50% deposit will be required to set your hair extension appointment.

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Move up Appointments

Salon Rogue Hair Extensions

As your natural hair grows your extensions move down with it. Hand Tied Hair Extensions require a move up appointment every 6-8 weeks to bring it back closer to your scalp.  

1 row - $175

2 row - $275

3 row - $375

A full set of extensions can last you 8-10 months as long as they are properly cared for daily. 

On your way to dream hair...

Fill out our Hair Extension Request and we will contact you soon for your Consultation!

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